T.E.A.M.H.O.O.P. (Together Everyone Achieves More Helping Others Overcome Pressure)

Our program develops relationships with local inner-city elementary schools with low-performing reading scores; we have our student-athletes perform story-time reading. The student-athletes will act as role models for the young kids and will look to set a good example for academic success. While this program is emotionally fulfilling for the mentors, it will also provide a valuable opportunity for service that will look exemplary on any résumé.


Team Green Million Book March

Recycling program in which our organization accepts and collects used children’s books instead of people throwing them away. Our goal is to partner with YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, churches, barbershops, beauty salons, Walmarts, Targets, Barnes and Nobles and other inner-city organizations in order to establish drop-off zones for books. The long-term goal will be to expand the Book March into other major cities in an attempt to reach 1-million donations and beyond.

Our organization collects new and used children’s books K-8.

Our current Book Drop Off locations are:

Gabriel Lynn McNeal
P.O. Box # 23181
Pittsburgh, Pa 15222


Hazelwood YMCA
4713 Chatsworth Street,
Pittsburgh, PA 15207


I Will Succeed, I Believe, I Read Book-A-Thon

This fundraiser program in elementary and middle schools will attempt to get kids to read 10 books in 45 days. The initiative will take place immediately before Standards of Learning (SOL) testing. Each student will have a pledge form to read 10 books. Each book they read they receive $1 from a sponsor. When the fundraiser date ends, students turn in their pledge forms to their homeroom teachers and students who complete 10 books will receive “I Will Succeed, I Believe, I Read” apparel.


The Back-to-School Hip-Hop Reading Summit

At the end of the summer we sponsor a free back to school clinic. Our goal is to bring in entertainers and music artists to perform and hand out school supplies after.


The Kool Kat in the Hat Bookmobile (The Reading Motivator)

Our donated used/new books are placed in the bookmobile. We target inner-city neighborhoods, playgrounds, parks and recreation centers. Kids will then be welcome to read any of the books they choose and take them home to enjoy, as our volunteers promote the benefits and enjoyment of reading.


Go Pro In The Game Of Life After School Program

We partner with Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, or elementary schools. We have our student-athletes teach after school tutoring in English. This is a program that will meet at least once a week. We will provide workbooks and free books for the kids.


Kool Kat in the Hat Man Entertainment

The Kool Kat in the Hat Man will perform the following three motivational reading songs: “I Will Succeed, I Believe, I Read,” “The Reading Motivator,” and “The Best Rapper In The World.” The songs are a fun way to get kids motivated to read.

See a Video sample


Founder and President Public Speaking Message

President and founder Gabriel McNeal will share his testimony with the children and explain how his reading background helped him progress through elementary school, high school and now college. He will go over the importance of setting goals, making the right choices and devising a game plan for life. The talks will stress that these steps are especially important for those children facing difficult circumstances outside of school.


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